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Dr butler is an ingenious creation of London's most creative brains who combined the best of old world elegance with modern day conveniences. Visitors who arrive at Christ Church Cathedral in the City will know immediately that they are in the presence of a true gentleman – a butler. This is because this man (or woman) serves the Queen Mother on her birthday each year. The position is hereditary and to prove it a person must perform the duties for exactly one year each year.

The butler's appointment begins with a formal letter of appointment from the Queen Mother. Once the letter has been received, the butler is formally welcomed into the castle by the Master of Christ Church. This person is allowed to perform the menial task of cleaning and presenting the daily Sacrosanctum (the formal prayer in Latin). After this, the butler is then expected to make preparations for the Queen's birthday celebration.

Guests who have travelled far will know that there is no dining at all during the period of Queen Victoria's reign. To make up for this, the butler is charged with the duty of preparing a light dinner for the entire Royal Family each day. He or she is also responsible for ensuring that a suitable gown and hat, as well as silver-plated gloves and hats, are present in the wardrobe of the Ripper. These are the basic items that comprise a Butler's repertoire.

It is important to remember that although the Ripper is expected to perform his duties for the Queen for a full year, that doesn't mean that he cannot enjoy himself. Guests who arrive at Christ Church for the Queen's birthday will be pleasantly surprised to find a bar in which the Ripper can relax with his guests. He will even entertain the Queen by playing her favourite song, which is often referred to as “Nearer, My Sweet Girl”. After the Queen's birthday party the Butler is required to perform his duties once again in the form of a light dinner. When the Butler has finished his shift, he returns to his Theatre Suite, where the only sign of him is that a note from his butler instructs him to change into his uniform.

As the Queen is an avid follower of the theatre, it is important for the Butler to ensure that she is entertained. So the Butler performs his duties of playing tunes, dancing with his guests and making speeches while dressed in his finest attire. However, the Butler does not actually perform at the same time that the Queen does. During the interval, the Butler is responsible for entertaining the Royal family and . . . . . . guests. He spends the time waiting in his dressing room, where he changes into his uniform to play his part effectively.

Dr. David Butler is an important character in Shakespeare's drama, specifically in the era of King Henry II. Although Butler did not personally witness the death of the Queen, he was one of the first people to notice the fatal wound that the Queen received. The identity of the Ripper was initially unclear, so Butler had a difficult time trying to identify the criminal and save the Queen. Despite his difficulties, Butler was able to capture the Ripper after a two-day search. It was then determined that Queen Elizabeth was the real culprit behind the murder and she executed Butler for the crime. Even though the role of Dr Butler is not as significant as other characters in the play, his importance to the play cannot be denied.

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